Care for Kaleo is a small UK based charity, run by four friends and family members. In 2003 one of the trustees spent two years working in the village of Kaleo, Ghana, with the charity Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). During that time he made friendships and connections in the community and a partnership between Kaleo Baptist Church and his family in the UK began. In 2007 that relationship was formalised into the charity Care for Kaleo.

The first project we undertook was to help build a new church building after the old mud-brick building was destroyed in a storm. Hand-powered building machinery was sent to Ghana, along with a technician who trained a group of local people in building techniques. We continued to raise funds until the new church building and a Sunday School building, next door, were completed.

Since those early days, the charity, working alongside its partners in Kaleo, has done more than we ever imagined. Through the generosity of our supporters, we have completed a school complex, just outside Kaleo, comprising of a Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior High School and Library building, along with all the necessary kitchens, offices, bore hole, play equipment and toilet blocks. We also fund teacher training for young adults in the community, a number of whom have taught in the Kaleo schools.

We are now working in the small community of Dunjagu, building a Kindergarten and Primary School. There has not been any education provision in Dunjagu in living memory, the children having to walk many miles every day to attend school, a journey too far for the youngest children to manage.

Care for Kaleo is a UK Registered Charity. Charity Number: 1119385
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